Pantry / Edmond Fallot Seed Style Mustard

Edmond Fallot Seed Style Mustard


Edmond Fallot grain mustard is a seed-style whole grain mustard and is perfect for sandwiches, sauces and dipping. The perfect accompaniment to a charcuterie board, this amazing mustard has the perfect blend of heat and acid to cut through the rich charcuterie.

Origin France

Quantity 250gm




We love Edmond Fallot mustards which are produced in Beaune, France – near Dijon. The family-owned company was started in 1840 and is now in the hands of Edmond Fallot’s grandson, Marc Désarménien. Mustard seeds are selected for their high quality and ground in a traditional stone mill. This traditional process preserves the pure flavour and texture of the ingredients.