Pantry / Pyengana Cloth Matured Chedder

Pyengana Cloth Matured Chedder


Handcrafted using a 130-year-old recipe unique to Pyengana and matured in traditional cheese cloth for 12-months. Crumbly, bold and bitey.



Origin North Eastern Tasmania

Quantity 150gm


The farmers of Pyengana in North Eastern Tasmania have been handcrafting traditional cloth matured farmhouse cheddar for over 130 years. Pyengana Dairy continues this tradition as custodian of the traditional recipe and heritage vats that have been used in Pyengana for generations.


The tradition of making cheese on farms in the Pyengana valley dates back to the 1880s. Several farmers in Pyengana brought techniques from their European heritage to create cheese during peak production months in spring and late summer that would last all year. The first cheese factory in Pyengana was established in 1890’s, becoming a cooperative in the 1900s and continued operation until the 1950’s. When it closed many locals having learnt the art of cheese making continued to produce cheese on family farms.