Recipe / Beef

Bone Marrow Tartare by chef Leigh McDivitt

Makes 1

Prep Time
10 min

Cook Time
25 min

Bistro Rex is a sophisticated yet approachable French restaurant in the heart of Potts Point and has been a staple of the suburb’s vibrant dining scene since 2017. But it’s also a neighbourhood spot, just as easily suited to a casual mid-week aperitif as a haute meal by candlelight.

Head chef Leigh McDivitt (a former Merivale and Colin Fassnidge alumnus) is a butcher by trade and works closely with NSW farmers to source produce for the in-house nose-to-tail program. Different parts of the animal are gradually introduced to the menu as the week progresses, and by the weekend, you might see ofal and large-format cuts appearing.










Roast the bone marrow at 180deg for approx. 25 mins then put to one side.

Dice the dry aged rump cap into small pieces.

Add the diced cappers, pickled cucumber and eshallot.

Chop chips and parsley then add a good pinch of both to the mixture.

Add one egg yolk.

Give the mixture 6 splashes of tabasco sauce.

Add a good teaspoon of American mustard and pinch of sea salt and pepper.

Mix all of the above and dice up bone marrow (still warm then fold through the mixture.

Use the bone from the marrow to serve. Place the beef tartare in the bone and serve with crisps and dust with espelette pepper.


60g of Dry Aged Rump Cap MBS 2+
2 x lengths of Bone Marrow
1 tsp Diced cappers
1 x tsp Pickled cucumber
1 x tsp Eshallot
handful of plain potato chips
1 tsp parsley
1 x egg yolk
6 splashes tobasco sauce
1 tsp American Mustard
Salt & Pepper
Espelette pepper (optional)

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