Pantry / Naturally Sauced Feeling Zhug

Naturally Sauced Feeling Zhug


Dip, drizzle or dress! Feeling Zhug is one multitalented, tastebud-tickling blend of spices.

What the Zhug?!  Think: Salsa Verde, Chimichurri or Chermoula (with a twist)!

She’s an exotic, fresh-flavoured hot sauce from the Middle East where she’s served as a condiment with almost every meal!

Origin Australia

Quantity 180gm



A spirited blend of jalapeno, coriander, lemon, cardamon, cumin and more… Feeling Zhug plays really well with veggies(cooked or baked), and never fails with meats, fish or eggs.

If you’re pimping up your party snacks, then why not whirl some through your hummus or pop some atop fresh ricotta!

Feeling Zhug: our multitalented, tastebud tickler.  You. Can’t. Go. Wrong.


Extra virgin olive oil(48.75%), fresh coriander, jalapeno chilli, fresh parsley, fresh lemon juice, garlic, spices, black pepper and sea salt.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Vegan